Monday, March 10, 2008

A Slightly More Devious Side to John Gabriel's Greater Internet Dickwad Theory

From the National Post, "University Prof Defends Facebook Penalty:"

Chris Avenir, 18, is set to appear before an appeal hearing at the university next Tuesday on 147 charges of academic misconduct for his role as an administrator for a [Facebook] study group that allowed chemistry and engineering students to share test tips and answers on the popular social networking website.

The computer engineering student denies that he contributed to any of the posts that contained test answers.

If any of the other members of this "study group" had any scruples (or, ahem, balls), they'd come forward and admit that they were the ones who had posted the answers, perhaps in a last-ditch attempt to save their fearless leader. But that's not what they were taught - they were taught that the anonymity of the group would provide them with protection, and that ethics are determined not by individual conscience, but by whatever the tribe allows them to get away with. As long as Ryerson University remains content to "make an example" of someone other than the perpetrators (not that I'm excusing the the group moderator - it was his group, and he should have had been aware of the "tactics" that were being discussed, and acted on them himself), the little weasels will sit comfortably, knowing that "society" has once again been allowed to take the fall for their own evil.



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