Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There are, Evidently, Some Things Money Can't Buy

Like brains for Tories and Liberals, f'r'instance.

Paul McKeever looked at the new Ontario "budget" yesterday:

REVENUES (Billions)

Income/Property Taxes:

* Personal Income Tax $25.2
* Corporations Tax: $12.3
* Employer Health Tax: $4.8
* Ontario Health Premium: $2.8
* TOTAL: $45.1

Retail Sales Tax (8%): $17.2
Gasoline and Fuel Taxes: $3.1
Other Taxes: $3.5

KEY EXPENSES (Billions):

Government Health Insurance Monopoly $40.4
Tax-funded, government-owned/operated schools: $13.1
Post-secondary education/training: $6.2
Welfare of various sorts: $11.8
“Other Programs”: $11.9
…oh yeah, we almost forgot “Justice”: $3.7

Allow me to be only the second snarky Objectivist on the internet, and add to that list:

*You, the taxpayer: a goddamn sucker.

Paul makes the important point that most of the budget, and all of the revenue from income taxes (and then some), goes to the two idiot brothers, education and socialized healthcare. If we were to end these daily excursions to failure, we could save Ontarians, collectively, over 45 billions dollars. $45 billion can buy a lot of cancer treatments and bachelor's degrees - or it can buy a lot of research into new drugs that make cancer treatment redundant. As Milton Friedman once said, "Nobody spends other people's money as carefully as he spends his own."

EDIT, 4:00PM: Clarified a few things.

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